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About Azerbaijan
State Emblem & Flag of Azerbaijan. Republic of Azerbaijan. Information on Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan language

Welcome to Azerbaijan!
Dear visitor of our site, have you ever been in Azerbaijan? If so, you for sure have warm and vivid memoirs and wish to visit this wonderful country again. If no, you certainly need to see everything at first hand.

We invite you and your friends to visit Azerbaijan and its capital Baku! You wish to get in touch with the history of the last centuries, architectural monuments, to attend comfortable resorts with sandy beaches, to stroll along flowering meadows, to plunge in sky-blue sea, to climb up a mountaintop covered with woods.

All of these you can find in Azerbaijan!
If you have decided to head for Azerbaijan, we will try to highlight some issues that you can meet before travel.
We will describe the resorts of Azerbaijan. You will get known about respectable and inexpensive hotels where you can have a good rest, chose souvenirs for yourselves and your close ones, try national cuisine. At our site, you will get known about how wonderful Azerbaijan is! Resorts of Azerbaijan are waiting for you!
You are welcome in Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan flag Azerbaijan State emblem

Area: 86.600 sq km. 11,5% of area covered by forests, 1,6% water, 50% agricultural lands, 27% of which are pastures, 36.9% other lands. The country is situated in 44o and 52o of East longitude, and in the latitude of 38o and 42o North, Baku is situated in 40o parallel

Population of Azerbaijan: 8 347 300 men (on 01.01.2005). 50.8% reside in urban areas, 49.2% in rural areas

Capital od Azerbaijan: Baku city

Major languages: Azerbaijani is an official language. Other languages: Russian, Georgian, Lezghi Russian and Turkish are widely spoken

Religion: Majority of the population is Muslim. Other religions include Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism

Zone time: GMT + 4 hours

Azerbaijan currency: 1 manat = 100 qapik

Domain zone: .az

International dialing code: +994

Entry formalities: The valid passport is required. Entry visas required by all

Entry visas may be obtained upon arrival to Airport

Electric current: Voltage is usually 220,50 Hz.

National currency of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan manat (AZM). Foreign currency and traveling cheques can be exchanged for Azerbaijan manats in all banks. Besides, currency exchange can be made at all official exchange points that you can find everywhere. It is necessary to keep a receipt of exchange until departure from the country. Those who change currency at private person take a risk of being a victim of trickery and carry the responsibility for possible abuses.

Credit cards
As a rule it is possible to pay by credit cards in hotels. But it is recommended to clear up in advance about acceptance of credit cards. You can get some cash from cash machines in the most important business centres, big shops and underground stations.

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