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Hotel Miraj Inn  
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Miraj Inn Address: 520/21, Husein Javid Ave, Baku

The Miraj Inn Hotel was build in 2009 by the best builders of Baku city. It corresponds to the hight world standards. The hotel has modern design and comfortable place. You can reach different places of this city from the hotel in short time very fast and comfortably.

The Miraj Inn Hotel has all modern conditions for staying there and hight service. Every room has hight speed internet and trunk-line telephone. You can connect with all people from all part of the world. The hotel has laundry, a car parking and 24 hours taxi. It has a restaurant and bar, where you can chat and have a rest. Breakfast is free. Every room has colour TV and air-conditioning, too. The hotel takes care of its clients!

Available Services:

  • Hight speed internet
  • Colour TV
  • Laundry
  • Taxi
  • Extra
  • 24 hours room service
  • Telephone
  • Air-conditioning
  • Restaurant
  • Night bar
  • Free breakfast
  • Reception
  • Car parking

The Rooms
Extra Lux rooms are big. They've all modern conditions for living there. They have balconies.

Lux rooms are the same rooms with all modern conditions. But they're without balconies.

The third kind of rooms are usual small rooms with necessary conditions without balconies. Use yourself of the rooms of the hotel for your better business.

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