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Hotel Horizon  
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Horizon Address: 62, Mirza Mansur, Icheri Sheher (Old Town), Baku

The Horizon Hotel is located in the center of Baku, with an unique view of Baku, and is just steps away from the important business areas. This elegant and refined hotel is a few minutes from the Boulevard and the M. Maqomayev philharmonic. The rooms are extremely comfortable and have a charming atmosphere. It is an ideal location for both business and leisure. It offers 12 brightly colored, relaxing bedrooms overlooking various parts of the city.

"The Horizon" hotel is a 30 minute drive from Haydar Aliyev Iternational Airport, and hotel can provide transfers upon request.

Around the hotel, a multi-faceted Baku awaits you, featuring historical sites, new urban developments, nightlife and trendy entertainment.

Check-in time 12:00 p.m.
Check-out time 12:00 p.m.

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