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Day 1.
Baku. The excursion starts with a visit to the fire-worshipper Temple of Atashgakh, which is situated 20 km from the center of the city. After dinner, the tour continues to the center of the city, where travelers can visit Icheri Shekher (The Old City) where Old Baku was situated, the Maiden Tower and Palace of the Shirvanshakhs (15th century) where a mosque, bathhouse and entrance gates have been wonderfully preserved.

Day 2.
Gabala - Oguz. Departure for Gabala early in the morning. The city, which is situated 225km from Baku, was built 1,800 years ago, for 600 of which it served as the capital of Caucasian Albania. The program includes visits to the historical museum and Albanian church in the Nij village. Visits to two synagogues. Stay in hotel.

Day 3.
Departure for Sheki. Program begins with a visit to the Palace of the Sheki Khans, Historical museum, an Albanian church from the 5-6th century, shebeke-wood engraving workshop, Sheki halvah production workshop (thinly cut pastries made from rice flour).
After a delicious dinner in a restaurant, the cuisine of which radically differs from that of the other regions of Azerbaijan, we will visit the silk production factory and an Albanian church, preserved in Kish village. Stay in hotel in Sheki.

Day 4.
Transfer from Sheki to Shemakha. In this city, you will have the opportunity to visit such historical and architectural monuments as the Juma Mosque (19th century), Yeddi Gumbez (Seven Domes) and the observatory of the great scientist, N. Tusi, where one can see one of the biggest and most ancient telescopes in the world. Return to Baku.

Day 5.
Airport departure.

We hope you like the program and assure you that we are absolutely open to any suggestions to increase the range of our services for the complete satisfaction of our clients and are happy to meet your special requirements.

Our tour operator will work closely with you or your travel agent to carefully prepare an itinerary based on your stated interests.

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