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Azerbaijan regions
Information on regions of Azerbaijan

Nakhchivan region
While traveling along the mountain ridge in the Nakhchievan Republic, we admire the stunning nature and historical monuments; and even drop in on settlements hidden in the valleys below. The cities of this land differ from the rest of Azerbaijan in their historical and artistic values, cozy side streets, squares and imitable hospitality...
Guba-Khachmaz region
The region usually named Guba-Khachmaz is located in the northeast of Azerbaijan, to the north of Baku. It is the closest mountainous area to Baku among all the other mountainous areas of Azerbaijan - two hours of driving on a modern highway. A journey to this region will give you the opportunity to visit the famous Chirag-gala fortress and Khinalig settlement, home to indigenous tribes. In the Guba district, you will see a cascade of waterfalls on the Gudialchay River in Tangaalti Gorge ...
Lankaran-Astara region
The Lankaran-Astara region is known as a sub-tropical area with extremely picturesque scenery and rich flora and fauna. For good reason, the Hirkan National Park and Gizilagaj Reserve have been created here. The gulf at the mouth of the Kura River, surrounded by cane thickets, attracts migratory birds, transiting in spring and autumn...
Sheki-Zagatala region
The amazing landscape of the mountain massifs of the Sheki-Zagatala region attract attention, not only with their wonderful scenery, but also with ancient relics, which can be seen everywhere. It convincingly proves the necessity of the aspiration of people for the creation and preservation of valuable resources...
Shirvan region
Excursions to the mountains and valleys of Shirvan, with babbling brooks and granite blocks of varying and unusual shapes, which are scattered everywhere like the toys of a giant, will create an unforgettable impression. Every opportunity for active vacations is present in this region: from casual walks to extreme ascents of mountains and climbing frozen waterfalls...
Ganjabasar region
Thanks to its lakes and mountains, Ganjabasar is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan. Everything is wonderful here - mighty forests, snowy peaks, noisy waterfalls, medicinal mineral spas, crystal-clear water, sprawling sub-alpine and alpine meadows ...

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