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Lankaran-Astara region
Information on Azerbaijan regions

The Lankaran-Astara region is known as a sub-tropical area, with extremely picturesque scenery, and rich flora and fauna. For good reason, Hirkan National Park and Gizilagaj Reserve have been formed here. The gulf at the mouth of the Kura River, surrounded by cane thickets, attracts migratory birds, transiting in spring and autumn.

In Hirkan National Park, many unique species of plants grow, and the age of some trees is more than one thousand years. The Talish Mountains are covered with thick forests, the main part of which constitute native species, including demiragaj (iron tree). This is a rare variety, characteristic only to Azerbaijan and Iran.

The rigid wood of the demiragaj allows us to create even some details for the textile industry. The Gizilagaj Reserve, created in 1929, is included in the list of wetlands of international value as a place of habitation for waterfowl birds (Kamsare, 1976). Such birds as geese, swans, ducks, pelicans, herons, flamingoes, etc. winter in the Reserve.

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