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Guba-Khachmaz region
Information on Azerbaijan regions

The region usually named Guba-Khachmaz is located in the northeast of Azerbaijan, to the north of Baku. It is the closest mountainous area to Baku of all other mountainous areas of Azerbaijan, a two hour drive on a modern highway.

A journey to this region will give you the opportunity to visit the famous Chirag-Gala fortress and Khinalig settlement, home to indigenous tribes. In the Guba district, you will see a cascade of waterfalls on the Gudialchay River at Tangaalti Gorge. This kingdom of free-flowing waters and blazing sun will have an unforgettable effect on you.

At Kinkhirt waterfall, which is located on the upper reaches of the Velvelichay River, you may bathe in crystal-clear streams, cascading from 25 meters. The largest tourist zone, Nabran, offers a more traditional vacation - there are numerous beaches, shady woods, picturesque bays, and a rich and varied nightlife for "after the beach"!

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