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Azerbaijan visa
Entry visa for Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan visa application

Rules of entry
Citizens of Russia and most of countries of the CIS do not need a visa to enter Azerbaijan. Citizens of other nations may receive visa on the basis of an invitation from a private individual or travel agency. Visa are also available without invitation upon arrival at Baku International Airport.

Foreign currency must be declared upon arrival. Duty free import of certain items intended for personal use is permitted; up to 3L of alcohol, up to 600g of caviar, up to 3 cartons of cigarettes, and medicines - as needed. It is permitted to export personal belongings, handicraft items and goods obtained in the country. Export of any antiques (including precious stones, coins, transcripts and other works of art) without the permission of respective authorities is forbidden. Transit of narcotic drugs, guns and ammunition (excluding shotguns, for which permission is given), literature and video materials offending the moral standards of the country are forbidden.

For visa invitation please fill in the following form.

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