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Tours to Azerbaijan
Cultural, Historical and Architectural tours to Azerbaijan

Carpet tour of Azerbaijan Carpet tour of Azerbaijan
Baku. Participants of this excursion are recommended to visit the Old City. Here you will find several historical monuments, including the Maiden Tower - the symbol of our city, with shops selling carpets and antiques, including a carpet workshop-museum, where you may buy any type of carpet you can imagine. And here, in the carpet workshop-museum, you will see the best collection of carpets anywhere.
Tour of Azerbaijan. Best tours to Azerbaijan Tour of Azerbaijan. Best tours to Azerbaijan
Baku. The excursion starts with a visit to the fire-worshipper Temple of Atashgakh, 20 km from the center of the city. After dinner, the excursion moves on to the center of the city, where travelers will visit Icheri Shekher (The Old City) where Old Baku was situated, the Maiden Tower and Palace of the Shirvanshakhs (15th century) where a mosque, bath-house and entrance gates have been wonderfully preserved...
City of the Winds City of the Winds
We offer a tour to the "City of the Winds" with a visit to the Martyrs' Cemetery, located on the higher slopes of the city's western end. This is the best place to view the city and the Bay of Baku. We proceed to the Old Town, "Icheri Sehir", which is also a fortress
Silk Road on Azerbaijan Silk Road on Azerbaijan
Cuitural, Ethnographic, Piligrimage, Ecological and Village Tour on Absheron peninsula and regions of Azerbaijan on International Tourist Route "A. Dumas on Caucasus", "Silk Road on Azerbaijan", "Wine Road on Azerbaijan". (9 days / 8 nights). Round up excursion on city: memorial cemetery, old city, Shirvanshalars Palace, Maiden Tower, Karvansaray. Walking on seaside boulevard. Boating on Baku bay. Wine testing in Tovuz Baltika...
Tour on and around Baku Tour on & around Baku
6 days / 5 nights tour program on and around Baku. Round-up excursion on Baku-capital city. Inner city, Maiden tower, Ensemble of Shirvanshahlars Palace. Excursion to Ateshgah Fire Worshippers Temple (VIII c. A.D.) in Surakhani settlement. Medieval fortresses, visit to Yanar Dag (Burning mountain). In Mahammadi village...

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